***UPDATED AT 2:08 P.M.***

McCue Street is no longer closed off to traffic. In the video below, you can hear as it seems police make contact with a suspect at The Timbers Apartments on the 1000 block of McCue Street.

Shortly before 1:30 p.m. police left the scene. Initial reports from police officials indicated that a suspect was in the apartment and possibly armed. The situation reportedly arose from a domestic dispute, possibly between roommates.

Details are still emerging at this time. Representatives from the Laramie Police Department were not immediately available to comment on a possible arrest or the suspect.

We will continue to update as details emerge.


Police Officials have confirmed that police are on scene at the 1000 block of McCue Street near Sunny Meadows.

Commander Cushman with the Laramie Police Department says the incident stemmed from a domestic dispute, possibly between roommates. One individual was reported to be armed and is still in the apartment.

The area is blocked off. Commander Cushman says there is a minimal risk to the community at this point, but he warns people not to go into the area until it is no longer blocked off.

The incident is still developing at this point.

We will have more information when possible.


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