Wyoming head coach Craig Bohl sounded like a proud dad when talking about the Cowboys' newest additions to the NFL on Monday.

Bohl discussed three former players getting their shot at the pro ranks during a teleconference with members of the media. He called it the culmination of 'their hard work.'

Linebackers Logan Wilson (3rd round to Cincinnati) and Cassh Maluia (6th round to New England) were taken in the 2020 NFL Draft last weekend. Shortly after it concluded, defensive back and kick returner Tyler Hall signed a free-agent contract with the Atlanta Falcons.

Bohl said he heard everything from the late second round to the fourth for Wilson.

“The first pick, 65th pick, I think is maybe about right for the feedback I was getting. He was able to have good tape through the year and then he ran well (at the NFL Combine).”

Bohl added that he was contacted by Joe Burrow’s father, Jimmy, by text last Friday night.

“I let them know, and I let Logan know that his family, the Burrow family, and Logan’s family are very similar. I think it’s going to be a great fit for having other guys in the locker room, and I know Joe is excited about Logan being picked.”

Bohl pointed to Maluia’s performance during Wyoming’s Pro Day on March 10 that aided his selection.

“I think he really helped himself, particularly his 40-yard dash time, some of his movements, and they were able to talk to him a little bit.”

Bohl said New England’s always one of the more thorough clubs, and they do their homework.

“Many times they’ll select guys that other people may or may not be interested in, but I know they’re excited about Cassh, as well.”

Bohl believes the Falcons are getting an explosive player in Hall.

“He can run like the wind, and he’s very aggressive. We played him as a boundary corner, which was more locked up on an ‘X’ receiver. I think he has great promise. Some people are looking at him as a nickel (third cornerback on the field) and the previous year (2018) he did that. He’s a very physical player, and he’s got great quickness. He can move quickly inside the box, so I believe he’s got a heck of a shot to make it with the Falcons.”

Bohl did mention he anticipates a few other former Wyoming players to sign free-agent deals, but he declined to go into specifics.

Bohl felt that as the 2019 season went along there became more interest in the program from the pro scouts.

“It’s great to see these guys have opportunities.”

He admitted they don’t discuss the NFL a whole lot in the recruiting process, but focus more on their graduation and experience at Wyoming.

“What has begun to happen, I think as each year has gone on, our program is in solid shape and certainly has attracted more NFL interest. I think the NFL teams are recognizing that one the Mountain West has excellent players, and then what type of program players we have here. They (the NFL) find that they’re attractive (in terms of the prospect of playing at the next level) and fit in well.”

The Cowboys have had at least one player selected in each of the last four NFL Drafts and five of the six years of the Craig Bohl era.

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