LARAMIE -- For three weeks, the Big Laramie Mosquito Control Corporation has attempted to conduct the application of mosquito insecticide along the Big Laramie River and other rural areas of the Laramie Valley.

But two weeks ago, due to an unexpected temporary shortage of Wyoming qualified pilots, the aerial application was canceled.

Dave Whitman, secretary for the Big Laramie Mosquito Control Corporation, said mosquito spraying in the rural areas of the Laramie Valley was re-scheduled for application of adult insecticide July 5 and was to continue through the weekend.

But this time, weather conditions were not conducive to spraying insecticide.

On Monday evening, July 8, Whitman said it looked like the BLMCC may get a weather reprieve and finally get the mosquito spraying completed.

“We do have planes at Laramie Airport now. That's a start! Evidently, the wind speeds in town have been higher than the pilots like, so we are calling in wind speeds from out here in the country to let them know it is much calmer out here closer into the mountains than it is in town.”

With any luck, the aerial application will be conducted within the next few days in the evening hours to coordinate with peak mosquito activity.

The spray area for the BLMCC encompasses acreages along either side of Hwy 230 from about the 5-mile marker to Woods Landing, including Pahlow Lane, Lake Hattie, and the Harmony area, as well as irrigated meadows near Sand Creek and along the Laramie River.

Whitman said they are hoping for good weather conditions so the program will finally be completed successfully.

For more information, call 307-760-3501.

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