The BLM, in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service Rocky Mountain Region and the Wyoming State Forestry Division is beginning the “One Less Spark-One Less Wildfire” campaign.

The campaign is designed to prevent human-caused wildfires.

“What we’ve discovered is that from 2004-2014, 71 percent of wild fires in Wyoming are human caused,” said Kyle Cowan, State Fire Management Officer.

“The smallest spark has the potential to start a fire. Causes vary from campfires getting away, dragging trailer chains, or igniting dry grass with your vehicle. All of these are preventable. Any fire we can prevent, saves resources for the wildfires we can’t prevent, like those sparked by lightning. This campaign will highlight some of the ways people can prevent one less spark,” he said.

The campaign is going to run on BLM Wyoming’s social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. To watch the first video, go here...



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