The Wyoming Game and Fish Department captured a yearling black bear that was on the run for more than three hours north of CY Avenue and west of Poplar Street on Thursday morning, a spokeswoman for its Casper office said.

The department began receiving calls early and about five of its personnel were on the scene at 6:45 a.m., Janet Milek said. Casper Police assisted in traffic control, she added.

Game and Fish did not need to set up a trap. Its officers were able to use a tranquilizer gun to dart the bear and immobilize it, Milek said.

"We were finally able to locate him in a back yard and safely immobilize him, and he'll be headed off to his new home shortly," she said.

The bear will be relocated to the south side of Muddy Mountain, about 20 miles south of Casper, Milek said.
The bear apparently followed Garden Creek from Casper Mountain and found itself in off guard and in unfamiliar territory, Milek said.

"It's been a long morning," Milek said. "Once they get into neighbors they can keep jumping fences."

He ran through a lot of yards from Poplar Street over to Bellaire Drive. Garden Creek parallels Lynwood Place and runs under Bellaire Drive.

"He was on the run," Milek said. "He was definitely scared for sure, and it's completelly understandable when you've got dogs and people chasing you. It's a tough place to be."


UPDATE: After the bear was captured, Game and Fish officials found a cut on one of its hind legs, probably as a result of jumping over a chain link fence, Milek said.

The bear was taken to the Best Friends Animal Clinic, where the wound was cleaned and stitched before the trip to Muddy Mountain, she said.

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