A bill that would raise the fuel tax on gasoline, diesel and alternative fuels in Wyoming has been filed for the 2020 session of the legislature.

House Bill 63 would increase the tax from the current 24 cents per gallon to 27 cents per gallon. The bill is being sponsored by the Joint Revenue Interim Committee.

It would raise an estimated $20 million per year, according to the fiscal note attached to the bill. Out of that projected revenue increase, $13.3 million per year would go to the state highway fund, with another $ 4.7 million annually projected to go to country road funds.

A little under $2 million per year would go to fund street and alley work in Wyoming cities and towns, and about $385,000 would to a special fund for transportation projects in Wyoming state parks.

Article 15, section 16 of the Wyoming State Constitution requires that fuel tax revenues must be used for the costs of construction, maintenance and traffic enforcement of Wyoming Highways, roads, and streets.

The bill was filed on Thursday, January 23 for Legislative session which will convene starting on Feb. 10

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