Anyone who is just now planning where and how they are getting to the center line of the eclipse might be in a bit of trouble. Most everything has been booked. But there is still a little room left in Glendo. Just a little. 

You can find everything you need to know at the Glendo Wyoming Eclipse Website. 

The exact driving distance between Cheyenne and Glendo, according to the sign on interstate 25, is 100 miles. If you are traveling at 80 mph, it is a short trip. But if you are driving on eclipse day, it might take you a bit longer.

Here is what you need to know before you go to Glendo:

Before the big event you can enjoy a Pre-Eclipse campfire talks by some of the world’s leading solar scientists.

They say there will be a street dance. Let's hope they have hired Druids to dance for us. That would be awesome. Since Glendo only has one main street you should have no problem finding the dance.

You can enjoy their evening “star parties” if you are interested in learning about the heavens and looking through a telescope.

You will be able to see the eclipse “totality” everywhere around Glendo. But to help you avoid the crush of people they have mowed huge fields of grass down to front lawn height and they have rented more porta potties than you can count.

Traffic will be heavy but they will have marked parking areas for the eclipse. There will be attendants to help you find a spot. They are asking that you do not park in front of residents homes. Parking on the highways is DANGEROUS!

The town of Glendo advises that you bring your own food and drink but they will have vendors if you want to sample from local cooks. Even if you plan to sample the figure the number of people arriving will out number the amount of food the vendors brought to cook.

Fill your gas tank. They do have a gas station but the town suggests, just to be sure, you bring enough fuel.

If you wish to watch from inside the park you will have to purchase a permit or have a state yearly pass on your vehicle.


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