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Christmas is just around the corner and along with Christmas comes preparation. The Christian holiday is meant to be a joyful time celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. There are several traditions when it comes to Christmas but the most common tradition is the decoration of a Christmas tree. Throughout the years decorating a Christmas tree has become commonplace. Decorating a tree is a fun way to bring family and friends together. For many families some of the best Christmas memories come from adventuring out into a winter wonderland in search of the perfect tree. For others memories are made simply by decorating a tree purchased by a local vendor or an artificial tree purchased from a local store. Either way, Christmas trees are a fun part of the Christmas holiday and if you are thinking about getting a tree this year why not try out one of these five places in and around Laramie!


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Medicine Bow National Forest


Laramie is a prime location for those people out there looking to go out and chop down their own tree. Just outside of Laramie is the Medicine Bow National Forest where, for the most part, and besides some restrictions, any tree can be chopped down. Why not take your friends and family out for an afternoon of tree hunting! Chances are you will find a beautiful tree that will last a long time and you get the pleasure of knowing you chopped it down yourself! However there are rules and restrictions that you must follow! 1) Purchase a $10 permit from the US Forest Service 2) know your boundaries! Anywhere on national forest land (Medicine Bow National Forest, Snowy Range) 3) Do not top trees! Starting Monday, November 21st the forest service will begin offering permits. Permits are $10 a tree and you are allowed up to 5 permits. You can acquire a permit by visiting the forest service office at 2468 Jackson st in Laramie, WY.



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Tumbleweed Express


The Tumbleweed Express is one of Laramie’s top providers of Christmas trees. Every year the Tumbleweed Express is the recipient of a mass exodus of trees and remarkably the trees sell quick. Thankfully truck loads are brought in almost every day. The Tumbleweed Express does a great job at providing a wide variety of trees and offer small to large trees to suit your needs. Some of my earliest Christmas memories are driving out to the Tumbleweed Express on a Sunday afternoon after church and picking out a special tree with my family. We never took a very long time but I always remember how much fun i had sorting through tree after tree trying to pick the perfect one. After the selection was made we would head home to spend the rest of our afternoon decorating the tree. The Tumbleweed Express is located past Walmart on the way out of town. It is the last convenience store and bust stop before you get onto the Interstate.



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Grand Avenue Nursery and Landscape


Grand Avenue Nursery and Landscape is located almost right next to the Tumbleweed Express. It’s also located just past Walmart on the way out of town. In the winter many people might think that Grand Avenue Nursery and Landscape is the same as the Tumbleweed Express due to the mass amount of Christmas trees that are on display but they too offer a wide variety of trees to suit your needs. The Nursery is slightly smaller but just like the Tumbleweed Express they still offer high quality trees at affordable prices. If you are looking to purchase a real tree but don’t want to go to the mountains to cut on for yourself then Grand Avenue Nursery and Landscape is a great place to start your search.



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Walmart Supercenter


If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to get a tree and don’t care if it’s a real tree or not then your best bet is none other than The Walmart Supercenter. If you are thinking anything Christmas then of course Walmart has it. Besides the largest selection of holiday decorations they also offer a number of artificial trees from cheap to expensive. While your are shopping for an artificial tree you can also get some of your Christmas shopping done and even pick up some odds and ends Christmas decorations that will add a little flair to your home this holiday season!



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No need to reiterate all the stuff I said about artificial trees and decorations but if you live on the west side of town and hate driving all the way out to Walmart then Kmart is obviously the second choice. They too offer artificial trees that you can purchase and use year after year! As with any holiday preparation remember to shop early! After all, Laramie really isn’t a very big city and holiday items, especially Christmas trees tend to go fast!