This is pretty exciting news and I'm sure there are a lot of former Nebraska residents that are going to lose their collective mind, along side those that have had the pleasure of getting food from a new restaurant coming to Cheyenne.

What New Restaurant Is Coming To Cheyenne?

Hold on to your hats. The latest chain restaurant coming to Cheyenne is a Nebraskan favorite, Runza. This is all from Runza's website, you can see the release here.

They don't have a location yet and are looking for Franchisees to take the helm of the upcoming restaurant. If you're interested in being a Franchisee, Runza is hosting a Franchise interest session on December 16th at 6pm at Little America.

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What Is Runza?

They're not your normal fast food place. I don't even think of them as fast food, either. They aren't really a burger joint, their sandwiches are different. Their most famous sandwiches are essentially closed up hoagies with meat that's blended with cabbage and onion. Sounds odd, right? It's incredible. You can take a look at the sandwich here.

Where Is The Cheyenne Runza Going To Be Located?

That is still up in the air. All we know for sure is that Runza is planning to add a Franchise here. Once they get an owner, that will become more clear. Just guessing, and this is only my speculation, so don't take this as gospel, but the location in front of Lowe's where the new Freddy's is going would fit pretty well. But, who knows.

For now, we'll just wait and see where they're going to put the new Runza.

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