As we are all certainly excited to get back to concerts this year and of course, Cheyenne Frontier Days, it may be as important as ever to have one thing in your possession on your way to the concert venue so that you can get in, and that one thing is your cellphone.

This year, the particular ticketing system is almost all virtual, unless you are wanting to pay a print-off fee for a hard copy of your ticket. This, according to Tickets Committee Chairman John Svboda:

We do have hard-copy tickets for people that don’t have access to the technology, primarily our senior citizens that don’t have emails, cellphones, etc...But for people that do have the technology, we encourage them to get the digital tickets by charging them a significant surcharge. As an example, for Garth Brooks tickets, if you had the ability to get the digital, and you opted for the print ticket, it was a $35 fee per ticket.


CFD Digital Tickets Are a Little Different This Year

Ticket purchasers will not be able to screenshot their tickets for their admittance to an event. For those using mobile and/or digital tickets, you can access your ticket order and view your mobile tickets by using 'My CFD Tickets' or To speed up your process of entry into the event, it is encouraged that mobile/digital ticketholders save their tickets to their Apple or Google Wallet. Doing this in advance will make for an easier and more expedient entry into Frontier Park.

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By just showing your ticket on your cellphone, it makes for a touchless entry, and despite no mask requirement at full capacity, cautious measures are still being taken for the safety of visitors and event staff. After all, we are in the (hopefully) tail end stages of a pandemic.

The digital tickets will be scanned upon entry and guests are encouraged to find a staff member so that they can be scanned out and back in, just in case re-entry is needed to the event.

Therefore, have an absolute blast at this year's Daddy of 'Em All! Just remember that whatever happens, bring your phone!

The 125th Cheyenne Frontier Days runs July 23 through August 1, 2021, at Frontier Park in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The annual celebration of life in the west features the world's largest rodeo, carnival midway, and concerts from country music's biggest stars, including Garth Brooks.


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