This is one of those shots to the gut where you didn't really see something like this coming. I mean, this was really a staple of Cheyenne eateries and it will surely be missed. I know I've seen a lot of people disappointed and sad that they won't be able to get a great sandwich from this place again.

What Cheyenne location am I talking about?

Little Philly In Cheyenne Has Closed

The first tip that I saw on the closing of this Cheyenne favorite was on Google. If you look up Little Philly on the search engine, you'll see that they say the restaurant has "Permanently closed".

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After calling the store to see if anyone answered, I scoured social media to see if I could find reasoning for the closure, and I did. The man himself, owner Burt Thomas made a post on Little Philly's Facebook page, in a heartfelt post, thanking people for supporting his business for 39 years.

This one stings a little bit. It's one of those situations where I know a lot of us in Cheyenne would have loved to stop by just one more time if we knew that it was coming to a close. I totally get why they packed up and completely understand. You have to listen to your body.

BUT, at the end of the post, Mr. Thomas does seem to give us a glimpse of hope that his restaurant will reopen at some point, as he says, "Little Philly has had to close for the time being. At this time it is unclear how long this will be".

So, we'll wait and see.

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