The Albany County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a shooting on Pole Mountain that left one man dead.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, Brice Page, 27, allegedly fatally shot Matthew Butrick, 43, in what the Sheriff’s Department is investigating as a case of self-defense. Both men are from Laramie County.

The Sheriff’s Department were informed of a shooting on Saturday, Sept. 9 at about 1:22 p.m. on Forest Service road 701 on Pole Mountain. According to the Sheriff’s Department, Page was driving on the Forest Service road and saw what he thought to be a multicolored truck chasing two people riding ATV’s. The truck allegedly ran the ATV’s off the road and Page saw Butrick, the driver of the truck, leave the truck and begin assaulting one of the ATV riders, who were later revealed to be 15 years old.

Page, with his family, approached the scene and yelled at Butrick to stop assaulting the youth. Butrick threatened to hurt Page for not minding his own business. Page noticed the young ATV riders collecting themselves and leaving the area. Page pulled his vehicle closer and waited for everyone to in the area to leave safely, the Sheriff’s Department said.

While he was waiting, Butrick got back in his truck and drove over to Page’s vehicle and parked just in front of it. Butrick got out of his truck and walked over to Page‘s vehicle. Page got out of his truck and moved away from his wife and children. Butrick walked toward Page aggressively while not saying anything and ignored Page telling him to stay back. Page drew a firearm and pointed it at Butrick, telling him he would shoot if Butrick did not stay back. The Sheriff's Department says Butrick did not stop and after retreating about 20 feet, Page shot the weapon, fatally injuring Butrick.

The Albany County Sheriff’s Department, Laramie Fire Department, Wyoming Highway Patrol and Wyoming State Parks Police all responded to the scene. The Sheriff’s Department says it is still reviewing the incident to see if any charges will be filed.

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