I must confess that I used to walk through cemeteries when I needed perspective. That's why I find this new video walk through the historic Douglas Pioneer Cemetery particularly compelling.

According to the YouTube description, this video was done by a Laramie Film company. Their journey through the Douglas Pioneer Cemetery shows some of the stones that describe the lives of some of the first residents in that area.

I'm not sure why exactly, but one stone that they feature caught my eye. It's the marker for Patrick Tobin. It says:

Died Oct 24, 1899. Aged 49 years. Here lies an honest man.

What a profound statement to describe a life.

This video inspired me to do a little Googling. That led me to the Douglas city website which describes the history of the Douglas Pioneer Cemetery which it says was opened in 1886 and closed in 1902 when Douglas Park Cemetery was created.

I share this video because whoever captured this footage was respectful to the grounds and those who remain buried there.

The Douglas Pioneer Cemetery is located off of Highway 59 near Douglas.

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