County and state officials are hoping to see an increased amount of voters at the polls today for Wyoming's 2016 Primary Election, after abysmal turnout in 2014.

The Wyoming Secretary of State's Office reported a total of 120,023 ballots cast in the 2014 primary. Albany County voters contributed just 5,418 of those ballots.

Albany County Clerk Jackie Gonzales and her office have a wealth of resources available on the county's website to help voters get to the polls and have their voices heard.

The Poll Locator is a great way to find your polling place. Simply follow this link to the tool on the Albany County website, enter your address in the search bar at the top, and the locator will direct you to your polling place. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Of course, you can find your polling place on your own if the Poll Locator isn't your cup of tea. Below, you'll see a list of polling places pulled straight from the county's website. Click here to see the map of Albany County Precincts, and click here to see City of Laramie Wards and Precincts, then use the list below to find the appropriate polling place based on your residential address.

If you haven't already, you can register to vote today at your polling place. To learn more about voter registration requirements and how to expedite the process, click here.

The county clerk's office also has information available for voters with special needs.

As is typical of the primary, voters should expect to see quite a few names on the ballot. Several local races are uncontested in this primary -- meaning only one democratic candidate and one republican candidate have filed and will automatically go head-to-head in the general election.

Here's a list of candidates in contested races Albany County voters can expect to see on their ballots, depending on where they live:

  • U.S. Representative
    • Ryan Greene (Democratic)
    • Lawrence Gerard Struempf (Libertarian)
    • Mike Konsmo (Republican)
    • Paul Paad (Republican)
    • Tim Stubson (Republican)
    • Heath Beaudry (Republican)
    • Jason Adam Senteney (Republican)
    • Daniel Clyde Cummings (Constitution)
    • Leland Christensen (Republican)
    • Charlie Hardy (Democratic)
    • Liz Cheney (Republican)
    • Darin Smith (Republican)
  • Wyoming House of Representatives District 47
    • Jerry Paxton (Republican)
    • Julie McCallister (Republican)
    • Ken Casner (Democratic)
  • Albany County Commissioner
    • Jerry M. Kennedy (Republican)
    • Mary Byrnes (Democratic)
    • Peter Calderon (Republican)
    • Terri Jones (Republican)
    • Thomas Mullan (Republican)
    • Christopher M. Dixon (Republican)
    • Jayne Pearce (Democratic)
    • Karl McCraken (Republican)
  • Laramie City Council Ward 1
    • Vicki Henry
    • Erik Molvar
    • Morgan Fallas
    • Charles McKinney
    • William Swett
  • Laramie City Council Ward 2
    • Joe Shumway
  • Laramie City Council Ward 3
    • Brent Roth
    • Pat Gabriel
    • Nicole Candelaria
    • Shane Swett
    • Jael Lemus
    • Jose D. Lemus

Additional candidates have filed, but won't appear on the ballot until November.

We'll have the latest election results as they are reported after polls close at 7 p.m. You can find those results at or listen to KOWB-AM 1290 for updates at the top and bottom of each hour from 7-11 p.m.

Primary election winners will be placed on the general election ballot, with voters going to the polls one more time on Nov. 8.