HBO's Deadwood is one of the best television shows in the history of television shows. It is exciting, dramatic, at times very funny, and it gives one of the best looks at what life was really like in an outlaw gold-rush town in America's old west.

Even though the show has been over for many years, people still love it. In fact, they just made a new Deadwood movie based on the show. And, I just discovered, you can take a Deadwood-inspired vacation in the actual Deadwood in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Yea, it's real. It is a three-night package called 'Deadwood Heroes and Villains
Vacation' and you gt to immerse yourself in the world of Bullock and Swearengen.

"[T]he Heroes and Villains package...includes three nights lodging, entrance to the Trial of Jack McCall, Mount Moriah Cemetery, the Bullock Ghost Tour, the Broken Boot Gold Mine, The Days of 76 Museum, The Adams Museum, and the Adams House. You’ll also get to ride on the Deadwood Stagecoach and take The Lawman’s Walking Tour, where you’ll patrol the town and learn about the town’s brothels, bars, and unique architecture." -

Oh man! It's superfan time. Mount Moriah Cemetery is where Seth Bullock, Wild Bill Hickok, and Calamity Jane are buried. Plus, some ghosthunting at the Bullock. Now, that's a vacation.

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