This weekend, the Wyoming Cowboys will host the Colorado State Rams in the 107th meeting of their Border War football rivalry. Regardless of who prevails on the field, there are nearly 5,000 reasons why UW is better than CSU.

According to, a website that ranks over 1,000 colleges and universities nationwide, both Wyoming and Colorado State offer quality education for students. CSU received an overall grade of A-, ranking 173rd out of 1,164 institutions. Wyoming scored a B+, finishing 291st nationally.

Both schools got high marks for academics, athletics and campus life. And while Colorado State fared slightly better than Wyoming in most of the rated categories, the biggest difference between the two universities is tuition.

In state tuition for Colorado State students is $9,313. In state tuition for Wyoming students is $4,404.

The margin is even wider for out of state students. The average tuition for an out of state student to attend Colorado State is $25,166, compared to $14,124 for out of state tuition at Wyoming. That's over 11,000 reasons for out of state students to choose UW over CSU.

For Wyoming residents, the choice is even easier. You could pay $25,166 for out of state tuition at CSU or $4,404 for in state tuition at Wyoming. That's nearly 21,000 reasons to attend UW.

And those figures don't factor cost of living, which according to Sterling's Best Places is 7% higher in Fort Collins than Laramie.

Even if Colorado State manages to defeat Wyoming on the gridiron Saturday, at least Wyoming students and alumni will be able to afford a decent dinner after the game.

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