Lets face it, no one likes to be stuck inside on bad weather days. Wouldn't it be great if we had special sporting events for Wyoming windy days?

Most Wyoming days are a bit breezy, even windy by the standards of other states. But what about those days that are called windy by Wyoming standards? Those are the days we are talking about here.

Here are 5 sporting events that Wyomingites could play on the windiest of Wyoming days.

1) Reverse Golf. This is where the golfer tees off facing the wind, his back to the green. When properly hit the ball should fly up into the air where it is taken by a gust back behind the golfer and to the hole. If you think that sounds hard, imagine reverse putting.

2) Message on a rock. It is a lot like message in a bottle but instead a note is tied to a rock with the name and address of the person throwing a rock, and a request to mail the rock back. The current world record was set by a young boy in Casper, Wyoming. His rock landed on a ranch in Eastern South Dakota.

3) A good car game for the kids involves a bit of math. Have them add up how much fuel will be saved if the gusting Wyoming highway tail wind is he same speed or greater than the car they are riding in.

4) Wyoming Kite Fishing. This is when a fish is caught on the line and, as it struggles, it jumps out of the water. The trick here is to see how long the fisherman can keep the fish in the air sailing on the winds. The current record was set in 2011 by Eric Fizborn of Wheatland, Wyoming. It was 14 minutes and 12 seconds before gust died down and the fish hit the ground.

5) Tourist Timing. This is where bets are laid on how long it will take a Wyoming tourist to give up on pumping gas in the heavy winds and leave with less than a full tank. Extra points are given for guessing how little gas they pumped before they simply could not take it anymore.

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