It's been cold in Wyoming this week. Like, really, really cold. It's so cold outside, we've had snow drifts big enough to hide literal piles of cash. I've actually been working from home most of this week to avoid having to leave my apartment and brave the cold. And although it seems to be getting warmer outside today, true Wyomingites know that the next cold snap is always just around the corner. Here are some ways to keep yourself busy and stave off the cabin fever until it's actually warm enough to enjoy being outside.

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    Though I initially took up knitting during the course of one summer, I will admit there's something very cozy and comforting about knitting in the wintertime. It's also very satisfying to know that I or someone I love, can eventually wear the final product to help stay warm during these long, cold months.

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    Did you make a resolution to read more, like me? Are you faltering a little bit on it already, like me? Maybe you should think about joining a reading challenge! Even though I haven't quite kept up with my challenge, I have noticed that taking part in the challenge has helped me pick books out and at least get motivated to read. That, and I really enjoy watching it snow outside while I'm curled up on the couch with a good book.

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    Play Some Board Games

    The royal family may not be able to play Monopoly, but that shouldn't stop you from engaging your housemates in a round. Whether you live with family, friends, or strangers you met when you moved in, there's something about wanting to hole up at home that has a way of bonding people. Why not take advantage of this time by playing some board games and lightly roasting the people you're playing with?

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    Clean the House

    There are few people that actually want to do this, but if you're stuck inside, why not? Not only is it going to look and feel much nicer once it's all done, but all the physical work involved might help you break a slight sweat and warm you up before you settle in with a glass of hot cocoa in the evening.

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    Find a New Series to Binge

    This might be an old recommendation, but it's always a solid standby. With the amount of content created by streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, in addition to the literal years of back catalogues of other shows, there's enough television to get anyone and everyone through the winter.

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