Especially at Thanksgiving, a Turkey tastes better than a Wyoming Sage Grouse, but that’s where Turkey superiority ends and the Sage Grouse rules. Maybe it goes back to 1935, when Wyoming traded the state of New Mexico for some Tom Turkeys. Ever since then, Turkeys just haven’t been special anymore.

Here are 5 Ways The Wyoming Sage Grouse is better than The Turkey:

5.   Just watch for the outrage when Sage Grouses are threatened versus when Turkey restrictions violated. That says it all. Nobody cares about turkeys.

4.   There is no National Sage Grouse Day every year, but because of the fate awaiting turkeys on Turkey Day, well, the Grouse wins again.

3.    A Wyoming turkey can be hunted in spring and fall, with the right license. Sage Grouse can only be hunted legally for mere days of September. Doesn't that alone make the Sage Grouse more special?

2.   Let’s face it. A turkey just doesn’t have a very majestic look. A small head is creepy above that, uh, turkey neck. A Sage Grouse seems in fighting shape at all times.

1.   A stuffed Sage Grouse is a trophy mounted on the wall. A stuffed turkey is on the table for Thanksgiving. Well, afterwards it’s on the couch being digested as I pass out to a Dallas Cowboys game.

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