Wyoming is still a long way off from having to pick a new governor. Never the less, several big names are testing the waters to see if they might be able to win a four year, all expense stay in the governor's mansion.

Of all those who have dipped a toe into the water, there has yet to be anyone truly inspiring. So here is a list of the top five people we think should run for governor of Wyoming. No thought or care was given as to if these people want the job, live in Wyoming, or are actual living people.

1). Chuck Norris. If you have to ask why, please turn in your cowboy hat and boots on your way out to San Francisco.

2). Walker, Texas Ranger. Because he was played by Chuck Norris.

3).  Lone Wolf McQuade. Because there is no one else on planet Earth that could have played McQuade other than Chuck Norris.

4). Major John T. Booker. Because Chuck Norris played him in the movie Code Of Silence. 

5). Captain Scott McCoy. Apparently, that is the name Chuck Norris went by before he was promoted to Major. You'll find everything you need to know in the movie The Delta Force.  

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