The holiday season has come once again, and while there are some shoppers that planned out their gifts months in advance, others will be scrambling over the next month to get the perfect gifts for their loved ones this holiday season. Last year, we posted a list of "5 Gifts Worth Knocking Someone Out For" and have decided to make it an annual tradition. It should be noted that this list is just for fun and to help holiday shoppers get inspiration, and that we do not condone actually knocking someone out for these items.


  • 1

    Nintendo Switch

    Despite being released nearly 9 months ago, the Nintendo Switch is still a top seller in many stores, and still runs a risk of selling out this holiday season. And if you don't have to knock someone out of the way to get one, you can deliver a virtual beatdown to your family members on some of the games available for the console.

  • 2

    Rustic Monopoly

    The board game that America loves (or loves to hate) received a rustic redesign from Target. Though this is one that may not incite physical violence at the store, trade deals gone awry may cause a fight to break out while playing this at home. The vintage aesthetic of the board and the pieces would still make this a decorative addition to any home.

  • 3

    Kitchen Aid

    A holiday staple that has been beloved and used in many homes since its invention in 1919. Although they are a bit pricey, often costing hundreds of dollars, their durability has made them a mainstay in most kitchens. Holiday cooks across the country might just have to shove people out of the way to grab one of the holiday season's most popular kitchen appliances

  • 4

    Interactive Pet Laser

    Don't leave your pets out of the holiday fun this year! If your Fluffy or Fido loves to chase laser pointers, this interactive laser pointer will keep them entertained for hours! It has an automatic setting, and turns itself off after 15 minutes to keep your pets from getting overstimulated.

  • 5

    Guzzle Buddy

    The perfect gift for those who enjoy kicking back with a bottle of wine for the holidays, but want to keep the good wine to themselves. With a wine glass stem that can be inserted directly into the bottle, drinking wine out of the bottle has never been classier. Please enjoy your Guzzle Buddy responsibly.

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