It's been almost a year since Hastings closed its doors. Its unique mix of new and used movies, CDs, books, and other assorted household decoration items and accessories made the store a premier shopping haven for geeks of all kinds. With the space still unoccupied, here are 5 businesses that could attempt to fill the empty space in the 3rd Street Plaza. What are your suggestions for this space?

Author's note: To our knowledge, there have been no bids from any business to take over the vacant lot.

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    With the closest location in Cheyenne, a Laramie store may benefit those who can't make it over the hill very often. FYE also has many items similar to that of the selection in Hastings, making it the best candidate to fill the Hastings-sized holes in the wallets of Laramie shoppers.

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    Trader Joe's

    Sometimes the best way to mourn the loss of a favorite business is to replace it with a completely different business. With Trader Joe's starting to make its way across the country, a Laramie location may not be impossible, especially since the closest store is in Fort Collins.

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    TJ Maxx

    Every shopper loves a good bargain, so why not bring a store known for its discounted prices? Another business whose closest location is 50 miles away, Laramie residents might enjoy shopping for discounted clothes and home items closer to home.

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    Best Buy

    Another business whose selection might fill the entertainment niche left in the Laramie community. In addition, some Best Buy locations also offer computer help, which may prove handy for some Laramie residents.

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    JoAnn Fabrics

    A craft haven for those who knit, sew, crochet, and do all other activities craft related, Laramie could benefit from a JoAnn store in the 3rd Street Plaza. Even with the craft stores located downtown, a potential JoAnn store could add some variety for Laramie customers.

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