Five individuals in Albany County and one in Denver, have been served with federal arrest warrants related to possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine.

According to the Laramie Police Department 30-year-old Joseph Jackson, 41-year-old Cody O'Bryan, 30-year-old Amy Conway and 32-year-old Jonathon Wright were all arrested in Albany County the morning of Tuesday, August 6th.  Additionally, service of a warrant was delivered to Laramie resident 36-year-old Ory Joe Johnson who was already in custody on other charges.

Another warrant was served on an individual at the same time in Denver, however Laramie Police did not release the name of the individual on that warrant.

Delivery of the local warrants was part of a joint effort by the Laramie P.D., the Albany County Sheriff's Office, the Laramie Fire Department and the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigations.

The indictments are said to be the result of an extensive and ongoing investigation by the Wyoming DCI Drug Task Force in the Laramie area.

At the time of this writing three of the individuals named in the press release have been read charges against them in Federal Court in Cheyenne.  The others are expected to have charges read against them, also in a Cheyenne Federal Court, soon.