The 2022 all-conference awards for the high school volleyball season have been announced.

The following players received the accolade after voting by the head coaches in their conference.

Players are listed by school name first, then alphabetically by their last name. If you see a name misspelled, our apologies. Please email

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Victoria Nelson – Burlington

Kelsi Nicholson – Burlington

Breanne Walker – Burlington

Maren Baker – Dubois

Samantha Cooley – Meeteetse

Jayce Ervin – Meeteetse

Kayla Horsen – Meeteetse

Laila Davis – Riverside

Caroline Schlattmann – Riverside

Vaidyn VanderPloeg – Riverside

Vinaya VanderPloeg – Riverside

Kinley Anderson – Ten Sleep

Player or Coach of the Year = Vaidyn VanderPloeg, Riverside


Shelby Fennema – Arvada-Clearmont

Jessee Driskill – Hulett

McKenna Kromarek – Hulett

Ashlynn Shoun – Hulett

Myah Shoun – Hulett

Kaydence Westover – Hulett

Sierra Kilts – Kaycee

Karcee Maya – Kaycee

Denise Ortega-Chavez – Kaycee

Laci Taylor – Kaycee

Sophie Louderback – Upton

Paige Timberman – Upton

Player of the Year = Sierra Kilts, Kaycee


Ashleigh Brooks – Cokeville

Bryli Groll – Cokeville

Gracie Himmerich – Cokeville

Jayci Thornock – Cokeville

Kyenna Jackson – Encampment

Cora Schroeder – Encampment

Cadence Jones – Farson-Eden

Kylie Evans – Little Snake River

Kinlie Montgomery – Little Snake River

Whitney Bennett – Saratoga

Makenna King – Saratoga

Hanna Lathrop – Saratoga

Player of the Year = Whitney Bennett, Saratoga


Rylie Thompson – Guernsey-Sunrise

McKaylee Widdison – H.E.M.

Mikayla Alexander – Rock River

Naomi Moore – Rock River

Avery Scott – Rock River

Jentry Sims – Rock River

Sydney Anderson – Southeast

Baylie Booth – Southeast

Kealy Carson – Southeast

Shelby Ekwall – Southeast

Sasha Haines – Southeast

Brenna Herring – Southeast

Player of the Year = Sydney Anderson, Southeast




Caroline Boyer – Greybull

Aleksey McColloch – Greybull

Kelsie McColloch – Greybull

Victoria Arnold – Rocky Mountain

Brittly Boettcher – Rocky Mountain

ReAnna Gutierrez – Rocky Mountain

Mackelle Moss – Rocky Mountain

Hailey Donelson – Shoshoni

Abigail Jennings – Shoshoni

Tania St. Clair – Shoshoni

Kaylee Leesburg – Wind River

Allison Tidzump – Wind River

Player or Coach of the Year = Hailey Donelson, Shoshoni


Ashley Billings – Big Horn

Kate Mohrmann – Big Horn

Emme Mullinax – Big Horn

Emma Prior – Big Horn

Saydee Zimmer – Big Horn

Lexie Marchant – Sundance

Jayline Mills – Sundance

Lily Krumm – Tongue River

Jazmin McOmber – Wright

Abby Smith – Wright

Shelby Smith – Wright

Shaelyn Strohschein – Wright

Player of the Year = Saydee Zimmer, Big Horn


Sharianne Brower – Big Piney

Shelby Guest – Big Piney

Hannah Runyan – Big Piney

Micah Strong – Big Piney

Natasha Martinez – Kemmerer

Sydney Neria – Kemmerer

Gracee Painter – Kemmerer

Janae Skidmore – Kemmerer

Laynee Walker – Kemmerer

Alandra Brown – Wyoming Indian

Layla C’Bearing – Wyoming Indian

Mia Washakie – Wyoming Indian

Player of the Year = Sydney Neria, Kemmerer


Sienna Gallegos – Burns

Tehya Gallegos – Burns

Brooke Hansen – Burns

Emma Norris – Burns

Leah Foster – Lingle-Ft. Laramie

Natalie Speckner – Lingle-Ft. Laramie

Hannah Krein – Lusk

Lily Krueger – Lusk

Gracie ZumBrunnen – Lusk

Abby Gray – Pine Bluffs

Emily Haas – Pine Bluffs

Jessica Hoffman – Pine Bluffs

Player of the Year = Emma Norris, Burns




Aggie Brown – Lander

Marie Hillman – Lovell

Kallie Owens – Lovell

Caroline Bradshaw – Lyman

Sage Bradshaw – Lyman

Hailey Eldredge – Lyman

Mylie Micheli – Mountain View

Ashlee Tims – Mountain View

Kate Walker – Mountain View

Sara Kunard – Pinedale

Haylen Sander – Pinedale

Anna Bartholomew – Powell

Gretel Opps – Powell

Addy Thorington – Powell

Ina King – Thermopolis

Karen Navaro – Worland

Player of the Year = Addy Thorington, Powell


Cassidy Bessler – Buffalo

Tess Rule – Buffalo

Holland Stowe – Buffalo

Leticia DeGracia – Douglas

Paige Reese – Douglas

Brooke Wright – Douglas

Camlyn Connally – Moorcroft

Kailee Gill – Moorcroft

Hunter McFarland – Newcastle

Jaylen Ostenson – Newcastle

Tiernan Stanton – Newcastle

Morgan Lonn – Rawlins

Marissa Moorehouse – Torrington

Grace Battershell – Wheatland

Hadley Paisley – Wheatland

Kendall Schaffner – Wheatland

Player of the Year = Kendall Schaffner, Wheatland




Victory Buck – Cody

Molly Hays – Cody

Ada Nelson – Cody

Kennedi Niemann – Cody

Halle Brady – Evanston

Dylan Visosky – Jackson

Aubre Browning – Kelly Walsh

Peyton Carruth – Kelly Walsh

Cydney Eskew – Kelly Walsh

Abi Milby – Kelly Walsh

Rylee Johnson – Riverton

Emmi Weber – Riverton

Ashley Anderson – Rock Springs

Kenlee Engelhardt – Star Valley

Maddie Hale – Star Valley

Josie Linford – Star Valley

Player of the Year = Peyton Carruth, Kelly Walsh

Defensive Player of the Year = Makenna Lorenzen, Kelly Walsh


Aubrey Dewine – Campbell County

Payge Riedesel – Campbell County

Madisyn Baillie – Cheyenne Central

Elysiana Fonseca – Cheyenne East

Boden Liljedahl – Cheyenne East

Bradie Schlabs – Cheyenne East

Michon Sailors – Laramie

Maddy Stucky – Laramie

Taylor Tyser – Laramie

Megan Hagar – Natrona County

Emily Manville – Natrona County

Brooke Larsen – Sheridan

Brooke Carroll – Thunder Basin

Eagan Clark – Thunder Basin

Piper Martin – Thunder Basin

Joelie Spelts – Thunder Basin

Player of the Year = Joelie Spelts, Thunder Basin

Defensive Player of the Year = Boden Liljedahl, Cheyenne East

1A State Volleyball Championship-Riverside Vs. Southeast

1A State Volleyball Championship-Riverside Vs. Southeast

2022 2A Volleyball Championship-Burns Vs. Big Horn

2022 2A Volleyball Championship-Burns Vs. Big Horn

2022 3A Volleyball Championship-Mountain View Vs. Lyman

2022 3A Volleyball Championship-Mountain View Vs. Lyman

2022 4A Volleyball Championship-Kelly Walsh Vs. Cody

2022 4A Volleyball Championship-Kelly Walsh Vs. Cody

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