There are nine ski resorts in the country that get around 500 inches of snow per year. Two of those resorts are right here in Wyoming, according to Snow Brains.

It is very obvious that this part of the country gets hit with the worst amount of snow per year. States like Alaska, Washington, Utah, and Wyoming are the ones to suffer each year.

Grand Targhee, Wyoming averages 500 inches per year (which is 41 feet). Folks can choose from three different mountains to ski on, Fred's Mountain, Peaked Mountain, and Mary's Nipple. Altogether, it is 2,600 acres and the summit elevation is 9862 feet.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming averages 459 inches per year of snow. With 2,500 acres to ski and a summit of 10,450 feet. How could you choose anywhere else to ski? They should be open by late November.

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