A 16-year-old is dead and another person was hurt following a two-vehicle crash near Ethete early Saturday morning.

Quame Addison was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, according to a report from the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Per the report, a Chevy Tahoe was southbound near milepost 0.7 on Yellow Calf Road near Ethete at about 5:40 a.m. Saturday. A Pontiac Grand Am was northbound in the same location.

Judging by evidence at the scene and witness statements, investigators believe the Tahoe crossed the centerline and began traveling in the northbound lane.

The driver of the Grand Am couldn't tell which lane the Tahoe had been in initially. The passenger of the Grand Am observed the Tahoe in the wrong lane, grabbed the steering wheel and steered the Grand Am to the right.

The Tahoe side-swiped the Grand Am, causing the Grand Am to spin 90 degrees counterclockwise until it came to rest facing west.

The Tahoe continued southbound in the northbound lane until it exited the roadway on the east side. The Tahoe went down a steep embankment, then hit another embankment, causing it to roll end-over-end at least once.

During that rollover, the driver of the Tahoe was thrown from the vehicle. The passenger of the Tahoe was found walking down the road, so investigators say it is unknown whether that passenger was ejected during the rollover.

Investigators believe the Tahoe was traveling at 94 mph in a 55-mph speed zone when the crash occurred.

The roadway was dry and weather was clear at the time of the crash.

Speed is listed as a contributing factor.

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