Move-in day for University of Wyoming students is Monday, Aug. 28 and the City of Laramie is working to get the intersection on 15th and Grand Avenue open before students start arriving.

William Winkler, civil engineer for the City of Laramie, said the construction crew will hopefully have the inner section of the intersection open by late this Friday, Aug. 25.

“Grand Avenue will still be closed west of 15th Street,” Winkler said. “But we will open up the north and south movements of 15th Street on Friday.”

Winkler said there is still a lot of work to be done on Grand Ave. and he says the best estimate for the completion date for that section of Grand Avenue is Sept. 30, weather permitting. Winkler said the initial contract with the city stipulated a Sept. 30 completion date.

Winkler said that some sidewalks will be closed along the section of Grand Ave still under construction.

“One thing that we hope people will respect is the sidewalk closures,” Winkler said. “The sidewalks will be closed on 13th and 14th streets, to keep people out of active work zones. We know that is difficult because it is a highly pedestrian area.”

Winkler said that the city has communicated with the Laramie Police Department as well as UW to alert them to the construction situation.

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