The Wyoming Chamber of Commerce has endorsed the non-discrimination bill that is currently being debated in the Legislature.

The bill would include sexual preference and gender identity among the protected classes in the area of job discrimination.

Here is their release...

Cheyenne, Wyoming – The Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce is supporting legislation before the state legislature to strengthen Wyoming’s non-discrimination law.

“Attracting the best and brightest workers is essential to growing and diversifying Wyoming’s economy,” said Heidi Peterson, Executive Director of the Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce. “In nearly every sector and in every community, Wyoming businesses need workers. Updating our non-discrimination law is essential to attracting smart, hard-working talent and improving our state’s image as a place to do business.”

Peterson continued, “Diversifying our economy is key to ensuring vibrant state and local economies for Wyoming’s future. To reach beyond the industries that have traditionally driven our economy – particularly in technology, software development, finance and other professional sectors – we need to show our business climate is in line with current business practices, which have long prohibited discrimination in the workplace.”

Senate File 115 would add sexual orientation and gender identity to Wyoming’s current non-discrimination law. Existing Wyoming law already includes protections for qualified workers preventing discrimination based on someone being disabled, or their age, sex, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry or pregnancy.

The mission of the Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce is to build business in Wyoming through advocacy, education, and communication. The WSCC sponsors several programs and initiatives to accomplish this mission, and actively advocates for policies that support a healthy business environment throughout the state.