$300 million in federal bonus grants went out to 23 states last month for enrolling children into healthcare coverage. Wyoming was not on the list and Susie Scott, Wyoming CHIP/Kidcare director says that’s because we’re still using up dollars from an earlier grant. The purpose of the funds are to assist in streamlining enrollment. It’s estimated 7000 children in Wyoming may be eligible and don’t know it.

“One of the challenges that we have in Wyoming with the CHIP program like any other program be it health, education or whatever, is the expansiveness geographically of our state.”

Scott says contacting families can be complicated and expensive. The Children’s Health Insurance Program or CHIP is targeted at those who fall between the cracks. Those who make too much money for medicaid, but have trouble to afford health insurance. She says enrollment is easier than ever thanks to the Internet. There are no premiums for qualifying families and co-pays average around 5 dollars. At this point, Scott says they are still working to get the message out.

“If you know of someone. If it’s a friend or family member whom you suspect might be in that category, please absolutely encourage them.”

Or telephone, 1-877-KIDS NOW (1-877-543-7669); if outside Wyoming, call 1-888-996-8786