With an extreme cold snap, it’s often hard to imagine that there are places colder than this. Temperatures have dropped well below zero and are not expected to come up any time soon.

With that, people often wonder how the rest of the country compares to Wyoming's temperatures throughout the winter. Last year, The Daily Beast website created a list of America’s 25 coldest cities with three Wyoming locations making the cut.

According to The Daily Beast, Laramie is the coldest Wyoming town on the list at number seven. Using temperatures from 2009, Laramie’s average winter temperature was at 19.3 degrees, well below freezing. Laramie’s coldest day that year came on January 7 with a temperature of a bone chilling -27.4 degrees. Brrrr!

Also making the list is Casper at number 19. The Daily Beast puts Casper’s average winter temperature in 2009 at 26.7 degrees. Casper’s coldest day topped that of Laramie at a whopping -29 degrees on December 9.

The next Wyoming city to make the list is Rock Springs at number 20. Rock Springs’ average winter temperature in 2009 was 23.4 degrees. The city’s coldest day came on January 8 at -13 degrees.

So which lucky city sits on the throne for number one coldest city in the U.S.? The Daily Beast places Fairbanks, Alaska firmly in the number one spot. Fairbank’s average winter temperature in 2009 was at -9 degrees (and we think we have it rough in Wyoming). Their coldest day froze everyone at -41.1 degrees, far below Wyoming’s lowest temperature.

North Dakota and South Dakota dominated the top of the cold list with each state having three cities in the top ten. Iowa cities made the most appearances on the list with four in the top 25 and their first city at the number 12 spot.

Other states to make the list include Minnesota, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, and Vermont.