Several members of USAF Thunderbirds and the Wyoming Air National Guard visited the Cheyenne VA Medical Center Tuesday.

Maj. Curtis Dougherty, Thunderbird 4 pilot, said the visit to the VA is really what the mission of the Thunderbirds is all about.

He said "the opportunity to talk with folks who have served our country, dedicated their lives and who have sacrificed a large part of their lives to defend this country is outrageously important." He added that it "really puts a lot of things in perspective. It gives you an idea of what it was like to have been a part of the service over several generations and to be carrying a legacy of honor and dignity is extremely important."

Air Force Veteran George Garrison said it was "really nice" to visit with the Thunderbird Pilots, but added he was glad they brought along members of their maintenance crews.  He said he is looking forward to seeing the Thunderbirds perform on Wednesday.