$580,000 Casper Lottery Winner a No-Show [VIDEO]
There is surveillance camera footage of the customer buying a soft drink and a lottery ticket, but due to the lottery’s anonymity rules, the video cannot be used to spread the word to the public to help identify the winner.
Powerball Jackpot Hits $1.4 Billion, Ticket Sales Soar
The largest lottery jackpot in world history will be up for grabs Wednesday night.
Powerball hit a whopping $1.4 billion on Monday after no ticket matched all six numbers drawn on Saturday night.
WyoLotto CEO Jon Clontz says ticket sales in the Cowboy State have been soaring...
Cowboy Draw Jackpot Reaches $1 Million
The biggest Cowboy Draw jackpot in WyoLotto history is up for grabs.
WyoLotto CEO Jon Clontz says the next winner of Cowboy Draw will win more than $1 million.
"This Thursday at 2:00 p.m. we'll either have a new millionaire or it'll roll over again," said Clontz...

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