Weeks after flood levels subsided and landslides came to a hault, damages are still being assessed. The long winter and record snowpack levels were the main cause of flooding across the state. Ken Shultz who is part of the Wyoming Department of Transportation stated that this is the worst he's seen in his 30 years at the department. As of now damage estimates are at $19 million and are still expected to increase.

The damage estimate will grow because county road damages have yet to be assessed. The washout that occurred on Wyoming 130 has also not been taken into account. The washout took the lives of four people earlier this month and nearly took the lives of two others. Flooding also was a factor to a number of other deaths around the state. Currently water levels in many of Wyoming's major rivers are still high and people should remain careful and vigilant.

Landslides were also a major problem across the state. WYDOT's Ken Shultz said that there were ten major landslides that affected travel and three major road washouts as well as many others smaller in size.