The Snow and Ice Policy of the City of Laramie leaves residential streets largely out of the equation.

“We do not plow residential streets as the normal course of action,” says Earl Smith, Director of Public Works.  “I’m not aware of any city that does that.”

The City’s policy lists arterial streets, collector streets, drifting areas, and school areas as the top four plowing priorities.

The policy says “Local and residential streets are not intended to receive regular winter maintenance and plowing is to commence only if such streets become impassable.”  Even if the streets were considered impassable, plowing would be limited to one pass and normally take place only after the storm ends.

“We would only do that after we have all of our other priorities addressed,” says Smith.  “We simply just don’t have the resources to plow all of the local streets.”

Under the policy, plowing is to begin on arterial and collector streets when three inches of snow has accumulated.

“We do the best we can to plow the primary routes.  In most cases those are within a short distance of most people’s homes,” says Smith.  “So it’s the resident’s responsibility to gain access out to the main route.”