Wyoming is not even Top 15 in WalletHub’s Best States for Summer Road Trips? Does 16th seem not right? Is this not the state that keeps postcards still in business?

You may ask what WalletHub smokes when visiting Colorado, which is Top 10. Many may think the ranks between Wyo and CO should be flipped.

At least we can all believe GasBuddy about 2017 having the cheapest summer to fill up since 2005.

WalletHub says, “But you’ll still need to consider accommodations, activities and dining.” Would you still like to see a comparison with Colorado on those three things? Let’s see, that’s average price of hotels, attractions and food, right? Oh, I’m sorry, there’s no information on that in the report.

In the report, however, guess who is tied for numero uno in highest percentage of area designated as National Parkland. Yes, Wyoming, that’s who. By the way that tie is with five other states not named Colorado (Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida and Washington).

Wyoming is also second only to Nevada for best cost of camping.

The Top 10 road trip states according to WalletHub:

1 Oregon
2 Utah
3 Washington
4 North Carolina
5 Louisiana
6 Texas
7 Nevada
8 Minnesota
9 California
10 Colorado