Were I to be a sappy teen girl blogger, there is where I would get sentimental and say something to the effect of, "Like... OMG- can't believe the tournament has gone by so fast! You've all been so great- thank you for reading- I love you all- LolZ..."

Thankfully, I'm not a sappy teen girl blogger, so instead I'll say something to the effect of, welcome back to my predictions for the Men's Division 1 NCAA National Tournament. Through the first 60 games, I have correctly picked the winner in 46 of them so basically, I'm awesome.  How awesome will I be in my predictions this weekend? Read on to see:

  • Kentucky over Louisville 79-64 One of the boldest predictions possible, Kentucky will not score 80 points. Also- predicting Louisville to score over 60 may be equally bold. This tournament is the Wildcats' to lose. Sorry this prediction is not more in depth, but come on now- does anyone really think Louisville has a chance in Kentucky at winning this game? Was that a horrible joke? Will this be another correct prediction? Answers (in order): No, Yes, Yes. [BONUS PREDICTION: Zoom-in shots of Anthony Davis will not be prolonged because of network hesitancy to display his Uni-Brow in full view.]
    **I was correct in predicting Kentucky to win, to score less than 80, and for Louisville to score more than 60. I was incorrect in the margin of victory, and while it might be easy to give all credit to this offensive lag in Kentucky to the defense of Louisville, I'm praising Kentucky too much to say that their poor performance was as a result of one of their opponents, so I will say that the meager 69-61 Kentucky win was a result of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist playing like a zero, and a lack of desire for the Wildcats as a team to shoot anything from the outside. Two thoughts on the Uni-Brow... He deserved the AP Player of the Year Award, and whether or not the brow was the cause, CBS did few prolonged zoom-ins of his face. I consider this game as being 2 for 2... I'll only count my ability to predict the correct outcome, which means that I am now 1-0 for the round, 47-14 overall, 77.04%**


  • Ohio State over Kansas 74-68 This could be a great game. We all know that Kansas won the matchup earlier this season but Ohio State lacked Jared Sullinger. So- with that established, it should be noted that Jared Sullinger is very good, so adding him to the lineup today will be a difference maker, and will bring a true challenge to Thomas Robinson. Also Deshaun Thomas has shown throughout the tournament that he is a boss, and cannot be guarded. I've professed a love for Tyshawn Taylor throughout the entire tournament, but Aaron Craft is going to guard him, and as a result, Taylor will turn the ball over half a dozen times, giving the Buckeyes enough additional possessions to win. [BONUS PREDICTION: Due to the recent attention to Thad Matta's health issues, the CBS cameras will zoom in on his ankle and have an in-depth discussion of his handicap.]
    **Everything about my prediction here was wrong. Ohio State played one half of good basketball, then proceeded to play a second half of dismal basketball, which allowed Kansas to come back and win. Buckeyes settled for dismal shots in the second half and really gave great effort in the second half offensively, as an Ohio State fan and someone who has been saying far too adamantly this season that when the Buckeyes play their best they are the best team in the nation, it was almost painful to watch. Kansas didn't even play a great second half, but they were still given great looks and weren't forced to play exerting defense. Just painful. Also- I didn't hear Jim Nantz say anything about Thad Matta's health issues... Double burn. I had predicted 9 straight games- so, I guess 9 out of my last 10 isn't too bad... 1-1 for the round, 47-15, 75.8%**

Sour note to end the night, but I'll be back on Monday with more semi-expert predictions on the National Championship game. Even if it means travelling to the future, buying a sports almanac and then travelling back in time to use the information from the future sports almanac for my own advantage, I will predict the final game correctly- score and everything. Ok, maybe not, but I will do my best to see if I can't slightly entertain you in my lowly attempts at humor and entertainment.