The following election results are courtesy of the Secretary of State's office, and are considered unofficial.  Percentages are rounded to nearest full percent.

Republican U.S. Senate Race:

John Barasso (winner) 90%

Thomas Bleming 6%

Emmett Mavy 4%

Democratic U.S. Senate Race:

Tim Chestnut (winner) 54%

Al Hamburg 27%

William Bryk  18%

Republican U.S. House Race:

Cynthia Lummis (uncontested)

Democrat U.S. House Race:

Chris Henrichsen (uncontested)

The following election results are courtesy of the Albany County Clerk's office and are considered unofficial.  Percentages are rounded to nearest full percent.

Republican County Commissioner

Shelly J. Toweler (winner) 45%

George W. French 37%

John E. Brengman 18%

Democrat County Commissioner

Tim Sullivan (uncontested)

Laramie City Council Ward 1 (non-partisan) (top four will move on)

Vicki Henry 28%

Paul Weaver 25%

Matthew Blaylock 20%

Eric Molvar 16%

Brian Le Jambre 10%

Laramie City Council Ward 2 (non-partisan) (top four will move on)

Joe Shumway 28%

Jayne Pearce 25%

Scott Mullner 18%

Guillermo "Bill" Brizuela 18%

Harold Bernard 9%

Laramie City Council Ward 3 (non-partisan) (top two will move on)

Joseph Vitale 49%

Rebecca "Becky" Riley 26%

Karl McCraken 13%

Todd Yost 12%

Republican State Senator District 10

Phil Nicholas (winner) 57%

Anne Alexander 43%

Democrat State Rep District 13

Cathy Connolly (uncontested)

Republican Sate Rep District 14

Kermit C. Brown (uncontested)

Democrat State Rep District 14

Tim Nyquist (uncontested)

Republican Sate Rep District 45

Matt Greene (uncontested)

Democrat State Rep District 45

Tony Mendoza (uncontested)

Republican Sate Rep District 46

Glen Moniz (uncontested)

Democrat State Rep District 46

Kennedy Penn-O'Toole (uncontested)

Republican Sate Rep District 47

Jerry Paxton (uncontested)

Democrat Precinct Committeeman Precinct 13-1

William Todd Sermon (uncontested)

Democrat Precinct Committeeman Precinct 13-2

Paul Weaver (uncontested)

Democrat Precinct Committeeman Precinct 13-3

Bern S. Hinckley 56%

Byron Lee 43%

Republican Precinct Committeeman Precinct 14-11

Jerry M. Kennedy (uncontested)

Democrat Precinct Committeeman Precinct 45-1

Gary L. Wilken (uncontested)

Democrat Precinct Committeeman Precinct 46-12

Richard Ledford (uncontested)

Republican Precinct Committeeman Precinct 46-13

Edward A. Sigel (uncontested)

Republican Precinct Committeeman Precinct 45-2

Matt Greene 39%

Bob Bell 32%

Charles "C.J." Young II 15%

Zach Guier 15%

Republican Precinct Committeeman Precinct 45-1

Roger McKinley (uncontested)

Republican Precinct Committeeman Precinct 46-11

Robert Starkey 38%

Marshall E. May32%

Ken Hert 30%

Republican Precinct Committeeman Precinct 14-1

Tom Parnell 54%

Cash A. Freeman 42%

Democrat Precinct Committeeman Precinct 14-1

Grant C. Showacre 37%

Ed Paradis 36%

Danny N. Walker 27%

Democrat Precinct Committeewoman Precinct 13-1

Sandra K. Werner 51%

Sierra Johnson 49%

Democrat Precinct Committeewoman Precinct 13-2

Christiane Dechert (uncontested)

Democrat Precinct Committeewoman Precinct 13-3

Sue Wedel 58%

Shirley Kingston 42%

Republican Precinct Committeewoman Precinct 14-11

R. Evelyn Kennedy (uncontested)

Democrat Precinct Committeewoman Precinct 45-1

Veronica Ledford 56%

Bernice Burr-Wilken 44%

Democrat Precinct Committeewoman Precinct 46-1

Linda Lillegraven (uncontested)

Democrat Precinct Committeewoman Precinct 46-2

Lorraine Saulino-Klein 40%

Erin O'Doherty 31%

Marian E.G. Showacre 30%

Democrat Precinct Committeewoman Precinct 46-12

Pam Matthewson (uncontested)

Republican Precinct Committeewoman Precinct 46-13

Juanita "Nita" Engen (uncontested)

Republican Precinct Committeewoman Precinct 45-2

Sue Morgan 47%

Caitlin Wallace 32%

Emily Guier 21%

Democrat Precinct Committeewoman Precinct 45-2

Sonya Moore 61%

Courtney Amerine 38%

Republican Precinct Committeewoman Precinct 46-1

Tara Boyer 53%

Mary Lee Egnaczak 45%

Republican Precinct Committeewoman Precinct 46-11

Kimberly J. Starkey 58%

Tamsen Hert 41%

Republican Precinct Committeewoman Precinct 14-1

Tammy Hooper 36%

Loretta Harak 31%

Baillie Miller 31%