Officials at the University of Wyoming are advising Laramie residents that police exercises will be taking place Tuesday August 21st, on the University of Wyoming campus, starting at 11 am.

According to a release from the University of Wyoming, Members of the Laramie Police Department’s special response team, which includes members of the UW Police Department, will practice responses to a variety of scenarios beginning around 11 a.m. in White Hall. Before that, they’ll take part in walk-throughs in the Classroom Building and the Wyoming Union.

The UWPD is advising that residents and the campus community should not be alarmed at the presence of armed officers and numerous police vehicles on campus that day. The training is expected to conclude by mid-afternoon.  UW Police Det. Cody Anderson also added that police officials taking part in the exercises will be using police “simunition” rounds (simulated ammunition) and may sound like gunfire.  Det. Anderson says that people should not be alarmed at the sound.

White Hall is closed for renovations during the 2012-13 academic year.