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The first person charged under Wyoming’s new anti-poaching law could avoid prison if he successfully completes boot camp.

Twenty-year-old Colton Lapp was sentenced to boot camp on Monday after pleading guilty to three felony counts of poaching.  Worland game warden Matt Lensch said that Lapp could face up to six years in prison if he doesn’t complete the boot camp.

According to the Associated Press, Lapp must pay a $15,000 fine and will owe another $15, 000 if he violates his probation.

A law passed last year makes it a felony to kill three or more antlered deer out of season within 10 years.  Lapp is said to have poached three times in a little over a year.

Another poaching case is making headlines in Casper.  According to K2 Radio, A mule deer poached on Casper Mountain sometime Saturday has sparked investigation from Wyoming Game and Fish.

Casper area Game and Fish spokesperson, Robin Kepple, says that while wild life officials are out in force this time of year, they’re limited to the amount of ground they can cover.  Kepple urges people to report any suspicious activity by calling your local Game and Fish office or by calling the Stop Poaching Tip Line at 877-WGFD-TIP (877-943-3847).