The Wyoming Legislature is ready to wrap things up Today. Both the House and Senate have been hard at work, deciding on which bills are suitable for our great state. Our State as well as our country is constantly growing and changing and our Legislature has been working as hard as possible to continue to make Wyoming a great state to live in.

During the legislative session some tough issues arose, some agreement were made, changes were introduced and overall the state of Wyoming is in good standing. The following is a list of Bills that Governor Mead has signed into law. For more information you can go to The Office of Governor Matt Mead's website. You can also go to the Wyoming Legislatures website.

List of Bills Signed by Governor Mead this Morning

  Bill Number Enrolled Act Sponsor Title
1. SF0139 SEA0084 Scott Healthcare pilot project amendments
2. HB0215 HEA0090 Lubnau Department of health reorganization
3. HB0049 HEA0065 Labor Primary care support program
4. HB0252 HEA0075 Harvey Review of state executive department positions
5. HB0152       HEA0069 Semlek Very rare or uncommon area designations
6. SF0059 SEA0085 Esquibel, F Spice drugs
7. SF0143 SEA0072 Bebout Federal natural resource policy
8. SF0029 SEA0073 Dev/intelec Programs Developmental disability services
9. HB0020 HEA0091 Dev/intelec Programs Medical reimbursement of services
10. SF0093 SEA0074 Martin Dietetics licensure
11. HB0167 HEA0070 Quarberg Castle doctrine modifications
12. SJR0001 SEJR0003 Hicks Right to hunt, fish and trap
13. SF0091 SEA0080 Hicks Wyoming livestock disease research partnership-funding
14. SF0132 SEA0082 Hastert Strangulation of a household member
15. HB0209 HEA0085 Greene Emergency medical review organizations
16. HB0129 HEA0066 Harshman Nuclear energy production study
17. HB0235 HEA0067 Roscoe Natural gas vehicles
18. HB0042 HEA0087 Gingery Coroner record confidentiality
19. SF0058 SEA0078 Anderson Landowner rights in wind energy development
20. HB0223 HEA0074 Brown Property disclosure statement-wind estate
21. HB0008 HEA0079 Agriculture Wyoming Traditional Food Act
22. HB0249       HEA0068 Nicholas, B Acceptance of citation
23. SF0112 SEA0076 Transportation National guard-billeted soldiers fund
24. SF0131 SEA0077 Schiffer Military department-federally funded positions
25. HB0255       HEA0077 Patton Veteran’s tax exemption
26. SF0009 SEA0086 Agriculture Economic analysis
27. SF0037 SEA0069 Emerich Health insurance definitions
28. SF0121 SEA0071 Bebout Performance based evaluation and design
29. HB0179 HEA0071 Petroff Energy improvement program
30. HB0253 HEA0076 Kasperik Wyoming Nurse Practice Act amendment
31. HB0206       HEA0073 Throne Emergency response-incidents
32. SF0100 SEA0083 Geis Cruelty to animals
33. SJR0007 SEJR0004 Dockstader Bark beetle mitigation
34. HB0202 HEA0072 Brown Railroads-fence repairs
35. HB0259 HEA0078 Zwonitzer, Dave Ethanol producer tax credit
36. HJR0001 HEJR0001 Judiciary District Court Commissioners-Authority
37. SF0090        SEA0079 Nutting Wyoming Nurse Practice Act-amendments
38. HB0090 HEA0080 Byrd Vehicle restoration
39. HB0178 HEA0081 Craft Vaults, crypts and mausoleums-perpetual trust funds
40. HB0189 HEA0082 Stubson Foreclosure and redemption revisions
41. SF0109 SEA0081 Meier State parks-temporary peace officers
42. HB0208 HEA0084 Shepperson Off-road vehicle registration-exemption
43. HB0224 HEA0086 Miller Platted plots-requirement
44. HB0190 HEA0088 Zwonitzer, Dave Electronic fine submittal
45. HB0211 HEA0089 Throne County memorial hospital board members-removal
46. HB0194 HEA0083 Pedersen Next of kin-driver’s license options
47. SF0069 SEA0075 Mgt. Council Revisor’s bill