Another man has been sentenced for his role in an alleged conspiracy to kill a man with a pipe bomb.

Eric Farrar, 32 of Cheyenne, was sentenced to four to nine years imprisonment for Conspiracy to Manufacture an Improvised Explosives Device. Farrar pleaded guilty to the crime as part of a plea agreement. In exchange for his guilty plea, a charge of Conspiracy to Commit Murder in the First Degree was dropped.

The charge comes after Farrar was arrested last October and accused of conspiring with two other men, Ryan Brown and William Ferrill, to kill a Cheyenne man with a pipe bomb.

Ferrill also pleaded guilty to Conspiracy to Manufacture an Improvised Explosives Device and was sentenced earlier today to three years of supervised probation for his role in the plot.

During the sentencing, Farrar told Albany County District Court Judge Jeffrey Donnell that he wanted to apologize to the people whose lives he ruined in this case—including the lives of his family members.

“What I did was stupid and irresponsible, and it should have never got as far as it did,” he told Donnell.

He said he would take responsibility for his actions and would take whatever penalty the court handed down.

John DeLeon, Farrar’s public defender, said that he recommended a four to nine year prison sentence.

DeLeon noted that Farrar had another case pending in Carbon County, referring to accusations that Farrar conspired with Brown to burn down Brown’s house. He said prosecutors in Carbon County indicated they would recommend a four to nine year concurrent sentence in Farrar’s case there. He also said charges there would be reduced from First Degree Arson to that of Second Degree Arson.

“I think he’s at this point of trying to step up forward and take responsibility for his actions,” DeLeon told the Judge.

Prosecuting Attorney Kurt Britzius said that the state agreed with the recommendation of four to nine years, saying Farrar had cooperated fully with the investigation.

Judge Donnell told Farrar that he thought he had been very candid while testifying at Brown’s trial. He said that he was struck by how casually he spoke about his actions with little regard as to their ramifications.

“That was certainly striking, if not a little bit disturbing,” Donnell said.

He said that William Ferrill received probation in his case because he did not have as much participation in the crime was “a far cry” from Farrar’s.

Donnell handed down the recommended sentence of four to nine years imprisonment and gave credit for 250 days already served.

Ryan Brown, the third man in the conspiracy, went to trial in May on a charge of Conspiracy to Commit Murder in the First Degree. A jury found Brown guilty of the crime, and his sentencing is scheduled for August 13, 2015.