Earlier this week, the Wyoming Supreme Court denied a Petition for Writ of Review submitted by attorneys for former Albany County Attorney Richard Bohling.  The petition was filed on Oct. 14 to appeal a ruling by Judge John R. Perry of Gillette, in which Perry denied a defense motion to dismiss the case.

That motion claimed that the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office did not have standing to prosecute the case.  Bohling’s attorneys were hoping that Wyoming’s Supreme Court might overturn Perry’s denial and rule that the District Court never had jurisdiction over the case to begin with.  Following this week’s denial, the trial is set to begin on Monday.

Bohling is facing six felony charges, including four counts of obtaining property by false pretenses, one count of wrongful taking or disposing of property, and one count of submitting false vouchers.  He also faces three misdemeanors– official misconduct, misuse of office, and wrongful appropriation of public funds.

An affidavit shows that the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation began to look into “Wrongful Appropriations of Public Property within the Albany County and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office” in March of 2014.  A confidential source had become concerned about Bohling’s alleged use of county money on iPads for his wife and son, as well as two Nikon cameras– a D5100 and D7000.

Court documents also claim that Bohling allegedly purchased a membership in the Laramie Rifle Range with money from the petty cash fund of the Albany County Attorney’s Office.

The affidavit states that Bohling allegedly signed vouchers for the “all or most” of the equipment, or had others sign them “at his discretion.”

If convicted of obtaining property by false pretenses, Bohling could face a sentence of up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine on each count.