The application deadline is fast approaching for moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, and wild bison hunting licenses for the 2015 hunting season.

Because the usual deadline of February 28 falls on a weekend this year, the application deadline has been moved to March 2. When deadlines fall on weekend dates, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department accepts applications through midnight on the next business day.

Bison hunters are reminded that as with last year, applicants are required to submit the full license fee at the time of application as is required for all other species. The license fees for a Wyoming resident are $263 for a female/ calf wild bison license and $413 for the any wild bison license. The nonresident license fees are $1,022 for a female/calf wild bison license and $2,522 for the any wild bison license.

Hunters can only apply online through the Game and Fish website. The paper application process has been phased out as the online application process has proven to be much more efficient and accurate than paper applications and is easier for hunters to ensure their applications are received in advance of the deadline date. It has contributed to a substantial cost savings over the old process.

Robin Kepple, a Game and Fish spokesperson, notes that computers are set up in all regional game and fish offices as well as the headquarters office in Cheyenne. Applicants who would like to utilize these computers to apply for their licenses may do so free of charge during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

“The benefit of that, as well, is there is an office manager or someone available who can answer your questions if you do have a question on how the system works or any specific question about where you are applying,” says Kepple. “So, it’s just a service that we are offering to help hunters get those online applications in by the due date.”

Hunters can research drawing odds from previous years for the various species and hunt areas on the Game and Fish website.

Hunters who choose not to apply this year can still purchase a preference point online from July 1 through September 30.