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Jackson Hole, WY has received a lot of criticism for being home to the state's only abortion clinic. On May 20th-23rd, a 3 day anti-abortion protest took place near the town square. On one of the days the protest occurred during a Boy Scout antler auction. The end result left two protesters under arrest for violating a restraining order filed by the city.

Kansas based Spirit One Ministries and Operation Save America staged the 3 day protest. On May 20th approximately 200 Boy Scouts were gathered around Jackson's town square for an antler auction. On the same day the city sought a restraining order to keep protesters at least two blocks away from the town square. The city sought the restraining order because it did not want young children to be exposed to graphic images that protesters were carrying.

The end result of the restraining order led to the arrest of two protesters. Now the Wyoming Supreme Court is deciding whether the town of Jackson Hole was justified in keeping the protesters away from the Boy Scout event. Lawyers for both sides are scheduled to make their cases today in court. According to the Jackson Hole News and Guide a ruling is not expected for several months.