A 12 year old Oregon girl was killed in a one vehicle car crash on Interstate 80 about 9 miles east of Lyman on June 12. The Wyoming Highway Patrol reports that around 12:25 pm Thursday Luvenia Santana of Salem, Oregon died when the 2005 Buick Rendezvous in which she was a passenger rolled 3.5 times after the driver, 35 year old Corrine Santana lost control of the vehicle. Troopers report the driver was distracted by activity in the vehicle and took her eyes off the road long enough for the vehicle to drift off the roadway at which time the driver overcorrected causing it to trip and roll. 12 year old Luvenia was wearing a seat belt improperly with the shoulder portion of the belt behind her back. She was partially ejected during the rollover. The driver and two other juvenile passengers were properly belted and received only minor injuries.