A Wyoming Supreme Court decision comes down in favor of the siting of two 60-plus-turbine wind farms in the Northern Laramie Range.

Wasatch Wind, out of Salt Lake City, Utah had been granted a permit to build Pioneer Wind Parks I and II in the mountains south of Glenrock off of Mormon Canyon Road in June of 2011.
However, siting and permitting were repeatedly challenged by a coalition of mountain landowners represented by the group, the Northern Laramie Range Alliance and the Northern Laramie Range Foundation. The landowner group formed in opposition to the industrialization of the Northern Laramie Range.
Construction of the wind parks, each planned for 31 wind turbines, had been on hold awaiting the Supreme Court decision.
That decision was issued last week, finding that Converse County and the Wyoming Industrial Siting Council properly granted the permits involved.

A Wasatch Wind statement, released Monday, expressed appreciation with the courts findings and indicated the company will update its construction schedule soon.

Meantime, Converse County has been gathering the rights-of-way necessary to make substantial improvements to Mormon Canyon Road in preparation for the transport of wind tower elements to the top of the mountain.