One weekend down...and many more to go until the State Championships in March.

Here are the standings for games played up to and including December 11, 2016.

Click on various team names, to go their respective page, so you can see their schedule.

4A East:


4A West:


3A East:

West Quadrant:


East Quadrant:


3A West:

North Quadrant:

Powell 2-1

Cody 1-2

Lander 1-2


South Quadrant:

Lyman 2-1


2A Northeast:

Upton 2-1

Wright 1-3


2A Southeast:

Burns 1-3

Lusk 0-3


2A Northwest:

Lovell 1-0


2A Southwest:


1A Northeast:

Kaycee 2-1

Hulett 1-2


1A Southeast:

H.E.M. 1-2

Glendo 0-0


1A Northwest:

Dubois 1-2


1A Southwest:

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