The secretary of the Wyoming Republican Party allegedly assaulted the party's executive director at a dinner attended by some 275 people last month.

Sources who spoke with K2 Radio News on the condition of anonymity say Executive Director Kristi Wallin was assaulted by State Secretary Charles Curley Feb. 23 at roughly 8:30 p.m. during the party's Lincoln Day Dinner at the Little America Hotel in Cheyenne.

State GOP Chairman W. Frank Eathorne said Wednesday morning that the party's internal investigation of the incident has been completed, and it is now "decision time."

Eathorne said he could not confirm whether he has asked for Curley's resignation. He did say there is "no indication" that Curley will be resigning, and the outcome would likely be clear within the next couple of days.

The alleged altercation began with an argument between Curley and Wallin regarding how the dinner was being run. Wallin reportedly walked away from that disagreement.

But as she did so, sources say, Curley pursued her and hit her in the back. He then allegedly grabbed her by one arm and spun her around to face him, pulling down her shirt to expose her shoulder at one point.

Cheyenne police have confirmed to K2 that a complaint was filed and an investigation is ongoing. The police report was filed following the incident, which took place at roughly 8:30 p.m.

Eathorne says he has not received a call from police, and is not aware of any criminal investigation.

"We value people more than anything," Eathorne said, explaining that the incident will likely result in something the state GOP has never needed before: a zero-tolerance policy for violence against women.

Eathorne says his relationship with Wallin is "very strong," and that he and Wallin work well together.

Curley is serving his second term as party secretary, Eathorne said. Wallin began her employment in June.

In a statement released to media Wednesday, Eathorne said, “State party executive members took immediate action upon receiving the complaint of a dispute. Then, steps were taken to effectively eliminate further contact between the involved parties.”

Here's more from the GOP news release:

A prescribed due process to review and decide the matter continues. Chairman Eathorne added, “Our by-laws and Robert’s Rules govern how this assembly may act and we are following the process on a rigorous timeline. A decision can be expected on this matter soon but is currently bound by confidentiality by the rules until a final outcome is reached. The executive team is charged with the first phase of determining the facts of the alleged altercation. The Wyoming Republican Party views all mistreatment of others and potential acts of aggression as serious until proven otherwise. This isolated incident is not in any way exemplary of how we as individuals and representatives of the party conduct ourselves. If one examines the manner in which we carry on business daily, a track record of respect, dignity, and genuine care for the issues and each other remain observably intact.”

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