The editor of a Facebook page that advocates for Weld County, Colorado leaving that state and becoming part of Wyoming says they are still working towards that goal.

Todd Richards also says his group is reaching out to other disaffected counties which may also want to leave Colorado.

Richards posted the following comments on the Weld County, Wyoming Facebook page on October 25:

The WCWY board and I will continue to advocate the cause of secession and moving to join Wyoming and will use this public input to guide us as to the motivations behind seeking better governance.
We love Colorado and would hate to see it go. Unfortunately due to the ongoing, deliberate migration from failed regions like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York, we have been democratically overtaken by a Woke populace intent on implementing their multiple-times-over failed agenda in Colorado. This has caused us to seek means to redraw the map of Colorado to ensure that we are governed by a state government intent on protecting individual freedoms.
We have also recently re-defined our charter to focus on all the disenfranchised counties in Colorado which seek to join a state more representative of their values. We are actively seeing volunteers who want to set up those chapters for their respective counties and join our coalition of counties. If interested, please let us know.
Stay tuned for more updates, we have done all the logistical work to hit the ground and start making meaningful progress to our goals.
The page also published the results of a Facebook poll on why readers are unhappy being a part of Colorado. The top grievance among poll respondents was anti-business legislation, followed by anti-second amendment legislation and concerns about election integrity. Other grievances included a rising crime rate and the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools.
The Weld County group is not the only county secession movement in the country right now. According to, residents of some counties in western Maryland would like to leave that state and become part of West Virginia. As is the case with the Weld County movement, those pushing for the Maryland secession feel their home state has become too liberal and no longer reflects their viewpoints on numerous issues.
But the process for leaving one state and joining another is problematic. The county(s) leaving would first need permission from their original state as well as the state they want to join. Congress would also have to sign off on the change.

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