Ed Murray

Murray Tackles Youth Voting Issue
Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray is working on an initiative to get more young people to the polls.
Murray says a large percentage of young Wyomingites are not casting their ballots.
"Only 10% of Wyoming’s youth, aged 18-24, voted in the last election, so we are finally go…
Murray Names New Election Chief
Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray has appointed Kai Schon as the state's new Election Director.
Schon has worked in the Election Division for over eight years as the Help America Vote Act Coordinator and says he's excited to build upon his past experience...
Secretary of State Murray on Voter Turnout [VIDEO]
Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray says he's taking steps to identify and address the causes of that "abysmal" voter turnout rate among the 18-24 age demographic.
"In having this round-table and trying to understand the underlying reasons as to the cause of the…